Our Guarantees

Our 8 Performance Guarantees-If we do not live up to our promises. We pay a price!

30 Day Leasing Guarantee

We agree to give 2 months of management fees if we fail to procure a long-term tenant within 30 days from the date of being placed on the market for rent.


Tenant Replacement Guarantee

We agree to waive the leasing fee if property needs to be re-marketed to procure a new long-term tenant because the tenant placed has been evicted or has abandoned the property during the 1st 12 months of the tenant’s tenancy.

Animal Protection Guarantee

We guarantee that any damages caused to the home, above fair wear and tear, resulting from the approved animal(s) that is not covered by the security deposit will be reimbursed by Property Manager to make necessary repairs

100% Happiness Guarantee

If Owner feels that we have not lived up to expectations in this contract. Owner may put in writing a justifiable complaint and may receive 1 free month of management fees.

Easy to Switch Guarantee

Want to leave your current property manager? We make it easy. No set up fees. No headaches with having to deal with your current manager. We handle the whole process for you.

Risk Free Eviction Guarantee

Property Manager will pay the sheriff, court and attorney fees to evict any tenant placed by us. Add $10 per month for the Silver Plan.