What are the Responsibilities of a Property Manager?

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Have you been considering hiring a property manager for your property rental business?

You may be wondering what their duties and responsibilities entail. In this article, we will discuss just that.

In general, a property manager is someone you can rely on to manage your property investments. They can be responsible for marketing your property, searching and screening new tenants, collecting rent, maintaining a property and much more.

Here are some common tasks a property manager can undertake:

1. Act as a rent manager

  • Are you confused about what rent price to assign to your property?
  • Do you know how to adjust your rental price when the market is experiencing an upswing?
  • Are you tired of chasing tenants to collect rent payments?

A property manager can help you manage all of this.

A property manager can:

  • Conduct a rental pricing analysis – he will do the necessary research and do a comparative study of the neighborhood property market value.
  • Use a reliable system for rent collection – this would guarantee you a steady stream of income every month.
  • Enforce rent collection policies – creating late fee penalties and sending notices to tenants are two ways this can be done.
  • Adjust the rent – when the market demand is high, a property manager can adjust the rent to match your property’s value.

2. Act as a tenant manager

  • Do you want assistance in searching for high quality tenants?
  • Are you tired of spending many hours screening tenants?
  • Do you want help dealing with and finding solutions to tenant complaints?

A property manager can handle these duties for you.

He can:

  • Advertise your property and launch an effective marketing campaign.
  • Market the property strategically by focusing on its best features.
  • Run the screening procedure for prospective renters and check their credit reports and financial documents.
  • Find solutions to emergencies, property maintenance requests and other tenant issues.

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3. Act as a maintenance and repair manager

  • Do you find it draining to respond to every maintenance request?
  • Are you spending too much time regularly inspecting your property?
  • Is it a hassle to look for repair contractors when damages occur?

A property manager can be a huge help when it comes to property maintenance and repairs.

A property manager can:

  • Focus on preventative maintenance – this will lower your costs in the long term by avoiding large property repair expenses.
  • Check vital facilities like plumbing, pest infestation and foundation problems.
  • Find contractors to handle property repairs – a property manager has a network of licensed professionals. This means that you will receive quality service at a reduced price.

4. Act as a supervisor of responsibilities

  • Do you find yourself stressed managing staff?
  • Do you want help monitoring your property to safeguard it from potential external damages?

If you have other staff working for you, a property manager can help you manage them too.

He can:

  • Check if they’re performing their job efficiently.
  • Conduct the hiring process.
  • Make sure they are paid adequately and on time.

Also, a property manager can look after your properties to ensure no damages occur.

For instance, he can:

  • Make sure that trespassers are kept away from the premises.
  • Oversee renovation projects to ensure the job is performed at peak standard.

5. Act as a record-keeper and budget manager

  • Do you find it taxing to keep your records organized?
  • Are you experiencing problems with meeting your budget?

In terms of record keeping, a property manager can:

  • Keep your records neat and organized.
  • Prepare the records of repair expenses, rental payments, insurance and utility payments.
  • Keep copies of the signed leases, record profit and maintenance fees.
  • File tax payments for you during tax season.

man at computer finances

To help you manage your budgeting, he can:

  • Make sure that the licensed contractors don’t just order raw materials without checking the prices.
  • Ensure that expenses are kept within the confines of the allocated budget.

6. Act as a risk manager

  • Are you knowledgeable when it comes to property laws in your State?
  • Do you know the proper procedure when it comes to breaking a lease and evictions?

A property manager has the proper legal knowledge to keep you protected.

A property manager knows:

  • The Fair Housing Act – this will ensure you don’t discriminate prospective tenants.
  • The detailed steps of handling evictions, breach of contracts, tenant screening and more.

If you want to avoid potential lawsuits, court fees and complicated legal issues, hiring a property manager is a good idea.

Bottom line

There are several benefits of hiring a property manager. But you want to make sure that they have a reputation for being knowledgeable, experienced and professional.

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