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Reasons to Invest in Altamonte Springs Real Estate

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Few investment options can match up to the stability, profitability, and security of the real estate. Experienced investors who have dabbled in the stock market, bitcoin, and other financial instruments can attest to this.  As an investment, real estate offers a stable flow of rental income to property owners. This income is considered secure since […]

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Best Areas to Invest in Central Florida

best areas to invest

Are you looking to invest in Central Florida real estate? Your investment returns can be maximized due to the area’s population growth, a boost in tourism, and affordable real estate.  Rental demand remains healthy with job stability and a solid economy backing the area. The excellent tax climate for businesses protects this stability. Furthermore, more […]

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Florida Fair Housing Act: an Overview

Landlords in Florida have a legal responsibility to treat all tenants fairly and equally. The Fair Housing Act was passed into law in 1968 as necessitated by the widespread cases of housing discrimination happening at the time.  Florida’s Fair Housing Act prohibits discrimination when buying, selling or financing housing. It is enforced by the United […]

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Top Tips When Buying Investment Property in Central Florida

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Are you thinking of buying an investment property in Central Florida? Investors with rental properties often have access to great opportunities in terms of generating periodic passive income. Over time, this can lead to building wealth. Central Florida is a great choice for rental investments. It’s very attractive to residents given its high quality of […]

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