What You Need To Know When Replacing Your Rental’s Windows

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In the rental home business, curb appeal is a top priority. No one wants to rent a home with an ugly facade. A well-manicured yard, a fresh coat of paint, and beautiful new windows can increase the earning potential and ROI of a central Florida rental home. Florida is a state where beautiful rental properties do not stay long on the market. Between tourism and people moving from other states, rentals are a hot commodity. While the cost of replacing windows can be rather expensive, impact windows will return the investment. 


Replacement windows have come a long way with recent technological advances. Impact windows provide security from flying debris during a hurricane and inclement weather. Glass with impact resistance will stay intact even when struck by a 9-pound object flying towards the window at 35 miles per hour. The outer tempered layer of glass will shatter but remain in place as one glass unit keeping the home and people inside safe from the storm. Even if only an insignificant amount of wind got into the house, the entire envelope of the home would fold into itself with the force of the wind’s destructive nature.


In high-velocity wind debris zones, impact windows are necessary according to building regulations. This requirement is to ensure the safety of the home during inclement weather. When non-impact windows break from flying debris, they shatter, and the glass falls, leaving the property exposed to high winds. The house can be destroyed in seconds when the winds rip the home apart. Having to rebuild rental property may not be worth the investment for medium-income homeowners.

Rental properties are more attractive to potential renters when you renovate them with new state-of-the-art amenities. People like to look brand new and better than anyone else. Luxury and safety are always on the top of the renter’s checklists. Replacement windows will help show renters the property has proper maintenance and appropriate upgrades. No one wants a neglected home or one that lacks updates. Especially in older homes with less luxurious amenities, the face of the house needs to be attractive.


A rental home with lots of natural light and big beautiful new windows is sure to rent quickly. Investors who buy houses to turn into rental property would greatly benefit from replacing old aluminum windows with vinyl replacement windows. Of course, owners can always use the terms creepy, old, rusty, broken, or ugly in their advertising. That is if their goal is to get ghost hunters to rent the home. Clean, bright white vinyl windows, instead of old rusted aluminum windows, are much more appealing in photos and advertisements for typical tourists or families moving to the neighborhood.


The cost of replacing windows can get rather expensive. The price goes up for optional upgrades, larger sizes, and window style, starting at around $1200 per window (including installation). Investors can choose from double hung windows which tilt in to allow easy access for maintenance. A window cost guide can provide a range of prices for different styles and types of windows. These prices are just an average range for windows. The entire cost of window replacement varies depending on the details of the project. During the in-home consultation, current pricing and promotional discounts will be discussed and applied. That will give the owner the best deal for their project.


Not only can investors raise their rental rates, but they can also benefit from lower electricity bills. Most electric companies offer a rebate for replacement windows. The partial refund can be from $50 to $100 per window. The calculation is usually by the square footage of highly energy-efficient glass in the home. With the rebate and the lower electric bills, the monthly profit on the rental home increases. Replacement windows increase profitability by lowering expenses. It can also be a selling point for renters. Tenants can balance the rent with lower electricity bills and enjoy cheaper monthly expenditures.


Another reason for replacing the windows in your rental property is the warranty that comes with the windows. Some windows, like Simonton windows and doors, come with an industry-leading warranty. A double lifetime warranty is transferable in the case of selling the property. Their warranty covers all the hardware, vinyl frames, and defective glass for a lifetime. Filing a warranty claim is easy with the right window company handling the home window replacement.