Best Areas to Invest in Central Florida

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best areas to invest

Are you looking to invest in Central Florida real estate? Your investment returns can be maximized due to the area’s population growth, a boost in tourism, and affordable real estate. 

Rental demand remains healthy with job stability and a solid economy backing the area. The excellent tax climate for businesses protects this stability. Furthermore, more people are relocating to Central Florida and they need housing. 

You can invest in single-family homes and multi-family units. You can also either design it as long-term or short-term rentals depending on your target market. Central Florida is attractive to tourists so it makes sense to consider tapping into the short-term rental market. 

The premier entertainment attractions will also continue to earn visitors from both local and international sectors. Thus, rental demand is reliable. You only need to narrow down your choices for an excellent neighborhood that has a high appreciation rate giving you consistent income and positive cash flow through the years.

In this article, we here at RentSmartUSA will review the best areas in Central Florida to help decide on your next property investment. You’ll learn which neighborhoods are lucrative for real estate investors in this part of Florida.

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Best Central Florida Neighborhoods to Buy Real Estate

Lake Nona

Lake Nona has many single-family homes and townhouses to choose from. This master-planned community circles a lovely lake and investment properties here are seen to appreciate over time. Demand continues to spike upwards for renters looking to retreat in peaceful homes near a waterfront.

Though the homes are pricier in this location, investors can profit from the higher rental rates. Lake Nona is also near a number of medical academies, hospitals, and research centers. If you plan to attract long-term tenants, you can target the professionals working in these industries. 

Single-family homes and multi-family properties show heavy demand given that Lake Nona is a growing area. This is mainly due to the flourishing medical and research fields in the area making it advantageous to invest here.

Winter Park

Winter Park is a very popular neighborhood. Residents have access to delicious dining spots, excellent shopping centers at Park Avenue, and quality education at Rollins College. Cultural entertainment is also ever-present with plenty of local exciting events to engage in. 

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It’s forecasted that job growth will continue to increase in this area as well. Most Winter Park rentals are occupied and vacant units tend to land renters in under a month. This minimal turnover and job growth in the area is good news to real estate investors.

Compared with other areas in the vicinity, Winter Park carries a higher investment price tag but the convenient amenities in this neighborhood continue to draw in a large number of tenants. Property owners can make up for the high cost with higher rental rates. You can target families and young professionals as your potential renters if you’re looking to invest in this neighborhood.

College Park

The charming neighborhood of College Park is seen to offer increased returns for investors. Appreciation of rental values is also predicted. It’s an area forecasted to become more progressive and attractive to renters over time.

College Park has many amenities and has a great location with nearby Lake Ivanhoe. The homes in the area are slightly older but offer lower prices as an incentive. As a property owner, you can start renovation projects and set a high rental price afterward.

In just the last year alone, investors have received higher income due to the rise in average rental prices in the College Park neighborhood. Property appreciation also reflected the same in the past year.

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Baldwin Park

Considered a popular area, Baldwin Park showcases wide appeal for families. Marketing your investment property here is easy given that the target market is families. They will appreciate the presence of high-quality schools in the area.

A little over half of the residents in Baldwin Park are renters. Thus, real estate investors are reassured that their investments are going to be profitable in the long run. 

Curry Ford West

This neighborhood offers residents plenty of amenities from its breweries to dining hotspots. Curry Ford West is linking residents and local entrepreneurs to inspire more growth and a great sense of community. This can be observed with the host of exciting events launched here.

Real estate investors can design rentals that attract a younger demographic looking to be a part of an urban community. You can purchase older properties and perform upgrades which can earn good returns in this revitalized neighborhood where property values are appreciating well.

In a Nutshell: Best Real Estate Markets in Central Florida

Central Florida is an area that real estate investors should strongly consider. It’s heavily backed by tourism demand with its incredible attractions, inviting job market, and rich cultural and nightlife entertainment. 

Rental values have resulted in amazing increases in just the past year. What’s more, rental demand remains consistent offering maximum returns for property owners. If you are looking to purchase Central Florida real estate, you may want to consider Lake Nona, Winter Park, College Park, Baldwin Park, Curry Ford West, and Maitland.

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