How to Write a Good Property Listing

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The first step when renting out your property is to find the right type of tenant.  A good tenant is someone who pays rent on time, keeps your property tidy, and rents long-term.

But nowadays, it’s more challenging to attract the right type of tenant. People can easily search for rental properties online and compare listings. There is high competition for the tenant’s attention, most especially good tenants.

Potential tenants can either view your listing or ignore it if doesn’t look interesting to them, which is why it’s very important to write good property listings that will catch potential renter’s attention.

If you’re planning to advertise your rental property online, you can follow these we here at RentSmartUSA have gathered.

making a rental listing orlando

1. Determine the right type of tenant

The first step is to determine the type of tenant who would be ideal for your property. In marketing, there is a term called “buyer’s persona”, but we can use the term “renter’s persona”.

Your goal in determining your renter’s persona is to find the needs and wants of your target tenant. Then, you can write a good property listing that will suit them.

For example, if your rental property is a stylish unit in an urban city, your property would be a great choice for a young, single tenant. But it’s not the best choice for a family with two kids.

And if you owned a spacious single-family home in a quiet neighborhood, your ideal tenant would be families. Lastly, if your property is a studio unit near universities, it’s a perfect choice for students.

If you know your renter’s persona, you will have an advantage over your competitors, and you will be able to write a specific property listing that targets a certain type of tenant. You will also be able to post those listings on the right websites.


2. Write an Attractive Title

Since your property listing’s title is the first thing a potential tenant sees, you need to make it personal, catchy and detailed.

Here are some examples to help you write a good title:

Good title: Two-bedroom bungalow with spacious backyard
Bad title: House for rent in Orlando

Good Title: Stylish loft with outdoor pool access
Bad Title: Loft for rent


3. Make your Property Description Detailed

Most property listings include common information about the unit. It usually includes the type of property, the total area and how many bedrooms it has.

Include a detailed description of your property. To do this, you can include the following details:

  • Rental Rate – Property listings with the price are viewed a greater number of times than those that don’t include the price.
  • Details About the Neighborhood – Help potential tenants choose your property by describing the neighborhood. If your property has an amazing view or is near a park, you can include that in the listing. You can also indicate if your neighborhood is a vibrant place or a calm one.
  • Showcase the Amenities – Include in the listing if your property has ample parking space, or access to a swimming pool or indoor gym.
  • Specify the exact location of the property – Potential tenants need to know exactly where your property is located. You can do this by sharing specific landmarks near your property. For example, you can write “2 miles north of X Street, near Y subway station”.

detail your property location in rental listing

4. Share What Makes Your Property Unique

Give potential tenants an idea of the unique features of your property and the advantages of living there. Highlight what sets your property apart from all the other similar ones, such as:

  • Large area for storage
  • A bedroom with a fireplace
  • Several bathrooms or bedrooms
  • Novel interior design
  • Floor-to-ceiling windows


5. Provide High-Quality Photos

Having high-quality photos will make your property listing more attractive. You’ll be able to attract more potential tenants and rent out your property faster. Make sure you take photos of the living area, amenities and the exterior.

You can try the tips below to make your photos more attractive:

  • Furnish the room to make it more appealing.
  • Avoid taking photos of mirrors, as you might be included in the photo.
  • Make sure to tidy up the property.
  • Capture photos using natural or direct lighting.
  • Try different angles when taking photos of the outside.


6. Create a Video Tour

Aside from adding photos, you can also consider taking a quality video tour of your property. Not only will it make your listing stand out from the others, but you will also reach a wider audience.

It will help you reach potential tenants who are too busy to visit your property, and those who live in another state but are interested in moving to Orlando.

video tour for property listing

7. Set a pet policy

A recent survey found that 67% of households in the US have pets, so you’ll be attracting a higher number of tenants by allowing pets. Pet owners also tend to be responsible, meaning they’re likely to take better care of your unit.

But you also need to consider the possible damages that pets may cause. To mitigate the risks, you can require your tenant to pay a security deposit. The deposit should cover any damage that the pet may cause.


It’s essential for landlords to write a good property listing to be able to attract the right kind of tenant. If you follow the tips above, you’ll be able to create a detailed, personal and catchy property listing.